Creativity and development for pre-schooler

On the surface, watching your two or three-year-old participating in a performing arts class just looks like they are having a lot of fun. But underneath all that enjoyment, there are hugely important benefits for your little one’s development.

Taking part in a dance, drama or singing class has a whole host of values from stimulating creativity through to challenging their preconceptions about the world.

There have been numerous studies examining the importance of performing arts for young children with the benefits including improving literacy levels and a positive attitude to writing to name just a few.

Lin Marsh, a singing teacher with the British Council has noticed many positive outcomes of performing arts classes as she explains:

“I have observed that singing together improves children’s behaviour. It helps them bond whatever the song or language. Musical activity involves many different parts of the brain, so singing (which involves music and language) helps develop these areas, as neurological studies from the UK, Germany and the US have found.”

Rather than constantly trying to get young children to sit still and listen, Marsh believes that dance should be used to encourage desirable behaviour. “Through dance, children develop spatial awareness, become less clumsy and pay more attention to others sharing their space,” she says. “Children struggling with language can express their feelings with immediacy through dance and movement.”

Utilising the substantial research in the area, Razzamataz created a class especially for two and three-year olds. Razz Tots for pre-schoolers is designed to improve confidence, improve social and motor skills and to provide a secure foundation for little one’s development.

action rhyme songs, role play games and mime activities.

“The classes are structured on a new theme each half term so the children can build and develop their skills each week,” says Sophie Atkins, Principal of Razzamataz Wimbledon. “While the children are having fun, the class helps them to develop their speaking and listening skills, encourage positive group interaction and increase the child’s confidence.”

Often the teacher will use a prop which requires a simple throwing and catching game, which helps to develop the fine motor skills that children need to hold a pencil and ultimately write with.“

There are many themes we use at Razz Tots to ignite a child’s imagination,” adds Sophie Atkins “We go on imaginary adventures into the jungle, take to space to explore the planets and journey deep down to the bottom of the sea to name just a few.”

To register your interest for a free taster class or just find out more about Razz Tots and the current theme, contact Sophie Atkins at Razzamataz Wimbledon. Please call Sophie on 07500 837911 or email

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