The Ideas Behind Razzamataz Wimbledon

At just 20 years old, Sophie Atkins is one of the youngest Principals in the network and is soon to launch Razzamataz Wimbledon. Sophie has worked for Razzamataz since she was 16 and since that first day,she knew that she wanted to be a principal.

Sophie Atkins, Principal of Razzamataz Wimbledon
Sophie Atkins, Principal of Razzamataz Wimbledon wanted to be a Principal.

“Buying into a franchise means I get to follow a proven model that I already know works,” says Sophie. “Lots of people know the name Razzamataz and there is so much support at Head Office that I know if I ever need it, help is there. I also love being part of an organisation that prides itself on making many amazing partnerships and offering students such wonderful opportunities.”


Although organisation has always been Sophie’s strong point, she now realises how important these skills are to running a business. “Everything is colour-coded and I now have a proper office just for Razzamataz,” says Sophie. “I am unfortunately one of those people who likes to take everything on themselves and I have realised over the past couple of weeks that some things I do need help with.”


The support from Head Office has been a huge help to Sophie as she explains: “I don’t know how I would be doing this without them. Everything from helping me to liaise with my venue to arranging party bags at the last moment has been swiftly dealt with”.  


“Having worked at two other Razzamataz schools I have had to say goodbye twice to an amazing bunch of kids and I am so looking forward to never having to do that again,” adds Sophie. “I’m really excited about coming up with show ideas and watching Razzamataz Wimbledon kids grow, develop and learn week by week. It’s the only thing I wanted to do for so long and I consider myself extremely lucky that this is now my job.”

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